Dryer Vent Reviews

Custom Home Builder
I build custom homes, and this dryer wall vent complements my homes. A very classic style that is far better looking and functional than any of the big store products. Will install one in all of my homes.
David White — Bremerton, WA
HVAC Engineer
I have been totally frustrated with wall vents that don't close, the damper hangs open constantly. I installed one of these to exhaust a Panasonic bathroom exhaust fan and it works perfectly. I bought another to replace my dryer vent. A simple concept that just works. I wish these were available in more sizes and colors and materials. I have started using these on commercial projects.
Daniel Lewis — Keene, NH
The vent seems to be just what I wanted. No screen to clog with lint and make the dryer overheat.
Good design.
Linda Davis — Jamestown, IN
Builder Designer
Vent works perfectly, made with quality materials.
Steve, Owner Basis Design Group — Lake Forest Park, WA
DIY Homeowner
This was very easy to install and way better than any plastic dryer vent. Looks like it should hold up for years to come.
Trevor Crossgrove — Wauseon, OH
Custom Carpenter
The flush mount dryer metal wall vent is a gem. I have it installed on two dryers and a Panasonic Bathroom fan, FV-11VQ3, the vent works quite well.
Steven Cords — Anchorage, AK
DIY Homeowner
The magnetic flapper dryer vent worked far better than the old plastic louvered grille. The plastic failed in sunlight and was brittle and broke when cleaned. The new square vent design looks much better. I will get this vent grill again when I need one.
Rich — San Francisco, CA
Duct Cleaning Contractor
We recommend the Dryer Wall Vent with magnetic closures for long lasting peace of mind. The door stays closed when the dryer is not running. This makes it so the birds and rodents don't get in the vent. It's heavy duty, accents the home's exterior and provides the ultimate protection.
Ron Nichols, Owner CMR Air Duct Cleaning
— Raleigh, NC
Professional Remodeler
I used four of these wall vents on a remodel I am doing right now. Three for bathroom exhaust fans and one for the dryer. I remodel and build custom homes and often have to replace dented aluminum vents or broken plastic vents that are damaged by the sun or other means. These wall vents are the perfect solution for a long lasting vent cover. I expect it will last 40 to 50 years. Thank you. I like making our clients' homes maintenance free.
John Cheney — Elk Ridge, UT
DIY Homeowner
Excellent product, works exactly as advertised. Easy to install and looks great.
William Minter — Jackson, MS
I have installed the Dryerbox ® and the Dryer Wall Vent. These are by far the best products on the market. I would have liked another color on the vent but a little spray can will do. Easy to install and excellent product. THANKS.
Steve Deem — Pataskala, OH
Home Builder
Residential Builder
Simple, low profile, not unsightly. Rugged, well made. Absolute function. Allows cleaning without removal or dis-assembly. Hands down, better than the cheap plastic discount versions.
William Minter — Bremerton, WA
DIY Homeowner
The Dryer Wall Vent is well constructed and operates smoothly. I installed two in the attic gable, one for each bathroom vent fan on the second floor of our home. I recommend use with 8" aluminum siding. The vent fits flush on a single panel of aluminum and seals with a minimum of caulk around the wall cutout. Sweet!
John Shipley — Clifton Park, NY
DIY Homeowner
In the 15 years we've lived in our house, I've replaced the dryer vent at least three times. The aluminum ones are thin stock, cheap and fall apart. The plastic ones get brittle and fall apart because of the heat and cold, winter and summer. Gone are the heavy galvanized metal ones they used to sell. But this one is very nice: well made out of a decent thickness of powder coated steel. I don't foresee replacing this vent cover in my lifetime. The price is good and I didn't mind paying a little more for UPS to deliver it.
Dean Ferrin — Hartly, DE