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Dryer Wall Vent Low Profile
Vent Closures Brown Tan White DWV4B DWV4T DWV4W Available in Brown, Tan and White Powder Coating

Designed to deliver zero airflow restriction, Dryer Wall Vents™ are safe for dryer venting. Their low profile design and powder coated galvanized steel construction make a nice contribution to every home's beauty.

Be sure to showcase your vent installation as a premium grade component. It's a strong selling point that shows home buyers their new house is well made.

Architect with Clean Home Exterior
Beautiful Home Exteriors

When an architect envisions a front elevation with dramatic curb appeal, a powerful impact can be made with clean lines and minimal component distractions. Selecting the Dryer Wall Vent, with its low profile
and tight design, always helps the cause.

Sun Damaged Plastic Wall Vent Dryer Wall Vent Installed
Built to Last

Every Dryer Wall Vent is built tough in the USA.

Unlike plastics which fade and crack from sun exposure, the powder coated, heavy gauge steel housing stands the test of time.

Airflow Efficient

The lighter damper and large, clean opening minimizes airflow restriction.

Shorter drying times save money on power bills and reduce wear and tear.

Zero Airflow Restriction Wall Vent
Architectural Accents

When used as a design component, the Dryer Wall Vent can make a striking contribution to exterior aesthetics.

Better Dryer Venting

Dryer Wall Vents meet or exceed all code requirements for safely venting a dryer. Built to the same tough standards as the Dryerbox®, they are also aesthetically pleasing wall terminations that enhance a home's exterior beauty. Please take a moment to learn more about the importance of efficiently venting the dryer and how Dryer Wall Vents outperform other exterior termination options.

Lasting Beauty

Homes are built to last a lifetime. It's a shame when plastic vents fade and crack. Lightweight metal gets crushed in no time. The video introduction at right is a good start for learning more about how the new Dryer Wall Vent is built for the long haul, and how clean lines, a smooth finish and a low profile deliver on the promise that "Venting Never Looked So Good."

Product Advantages

  • Maximum Airflow Efficiency
  • Easy Cleaning Access
  • Built Tough in the USA
  • Balanced Magnets Protect Against Animal Entry and Negative Air Pressure Flapping
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