Architects and Designers Always Choose DryerWallVent For The Finishing Touch

As a home designer, you understand that the smallest detail can make or break a project. That's why you choose DryerWallVent. The outside of a home is the first impression, so why cap the dryer termination with cheap plastic slats or an industrial-looking metal hood? DryerWallVent provides a low-profile that comes in several neutral or complimentary colors, and with those multi-family projects, you can even get it custom matched to your color specifications. While the design aesthetic is important, there are many other selling points. The DryerWallVent is a step towards going green with its amazing airflow efficiency. More airflow means less drying time, which means lower electricity use, thus saving money and the environment. The safety aspect is also in play here. The DryerWallVent helps keep animals and pests out, as well.

Your home designs should always include the DryerWallVent, partnered with In-O-Vate's other dryer safety-centric products, such as the Dryerbox®, the built-in space-saving, hose-protecting powerhouse behind the dryer. Visit for more details.