Product Advantages

  • Aesthetics

    The DryerWallVent's "no"-profile frame, recessed damper and hidden fasteners keep exterior lines simple and clean. Available in three powder coating colors, the finish complements every home's beauty.
  • Durability

    Tough-as-nails construction ensures a very long duty life. The body is constructed of 26 gauge galvanized steel. Combined with dense powder coating, DryerWallVents are corrosion resistant and impervious to sun and heat effects (unlike plastic vents).
  • Ease of Installation

    A 1/16" smaller port slips quickly, inside the in-wall duct (no worries about obstructions for existing construction).  A caulk bead will usually be enough to finish the job, but there are hidden fastener holes for drilling four screws fast.
  • Performance

    Zero airflow restriction is achieved with a large clean opening and lighter damper (30 Ga.). Balanced magnets help prevent pest intrusion. Rubber damper bumpers can help for a quieter closing.
Zero Airflow Restriction

The lighter damper (30 Ga.) contributes to airflow efficiency, and is set inside the face of the vent for aesthetics and intrusion protection.


Beautiful Homes

When you're in the business of building beautiful homes, select the Dryer Wall Vent as a premium component that makes a positive contribution to exterior aesthetics.
My home's original dryer vent had been chewed to pieces by my new dog. This unit is well made, easy to install, and is flush against the house…dog-proof! I am very pleased with it.
— Henry Porter, Homeowner - Scituate, MA
Easily the best, most attractive and most durable unit on the market.
— James Hartsell, Builder - Charlotte, NC
This item is heavy duty, low profile and blends in nicely with my house. The vent is visible from the road, so I wanted something which looks good. I highly recommend it.
— Laurie Garvie, Homeowner Hayward, CA

Great product, quick install, and looks good. Super value.
— Lyle Trapani, Lake Arrowhead, CA