Better Than Excellent?

Why would a company make an excellent product better? If it is not broken and is selling well, most companies would take the easy route. That’s just not in the DNA of InOvate, the company behind the DryerWallVent. If it is good, it can be better. It’s not a matter of “it is what it is.” It is a matter of it is what you make it. Perfection is a lofty goal.

The new generation DryerWallVent is an evolution toward a more perfect termination. It is a product you can be proud to add to every home. It’s a component that shines as an example of a serious commitment to excellence and quality standards that are sadly becoming scarce.

Before uncovering the new engineering improvements, a quick recap of what already makes the DryerWallVent an excellent product is in order. Unlike plastic which fades and cracks from the elements or lightweight metal that gets crushed in no time, the DryerWallVent is built to last right here in the USA. Made of heavy gauge Galvalume® steel that is powder coated the DryerWallVent will withstand the test of time.

It also looks good.

Clean lines, a low profile and powder coating colors help blend with any exterior and make a positive aesthetic contribution to every home.

DryerWallVents stand up to the demanding needs of dryer venting. A large clean opening and lightweight damper deters birds and rodents, allowing the dryer to perform at peak efficiency.

So how can things possibly get better? Now each patent-pending DryerWallVent boasts a deep-draw manufacturing process that delivers tight construction, extra protection against the elements and a tough-as-nails solid housing fit that won’t fade, crack or get crushed. This improved manufacturing process better aligns with the InOvate commitment to superior quality.

This process allows for integrated magnets that are more secure, provide smoother closing and helps protect against the elements. To take weather protection even further, the new DryerWallVent also has an added built-in drip edge.

One last, big thing? Gravity. The housing has been redesigned so that the damper recesses at an angle to let gravity assist in a smooth secure closing operation.