Buying A New Home? Check The Venting Termination First!

If you are in the market for a new home, make sure that your prospects have proper venting termination. Check around the outside of the house to see if they have a clogged screen vent, or a rusty metal hood. If you see the DryerWallVent installed, congratulate the owners!

Often overlooked, the dryer termination exhaust vent can reveal a lot about the home's condition on the inside. If the current owner has left the vents clogged, what other safety aspects might they have overlooked? Does this give you an indication of other hidden areas of negelct?

Having the DryerWallVent professionally installed is a sign of a safety-conscious and stylish owner. If you don't see one on the house, put installation on the "to do" list for after-sale personalization! Check it out today!