Custom Color Program

Today, you can match or add highlights to your building’s exterior with the DryerWallVent. For large construction projects of 48 units or more, you can make the low-profile aesthetics of the DryerWallVent even stealthier—or use them as an architectural accent—with custom colors based on the Tiger Drylac RAL Color Chart.

Some of the most impressive architectural designs feature clean lines and minimal component distractions. Matching the color of these already low-profile terminations to a building’s exterior helps deliver the full spirit of the original design.

Many architects and engineers have also used complimentary colors to add exterior highlights to the design. This can take the form of adding or augmenting accent lines or to create a dramatic texture to the building.

Architectural Accents


Why Custom DryerWallVents Make Sense

Powder coated DryerWallVents are built of heavy gauge Galvalume® steel housings and tough components that help deter bird & rodent entry while maximizing airflow efficiency. Powder coating is proven to last through rough weather and scorching sunshine.

The DryerWallVent’s already low profile gives you a canvas for making it nearly invisible and its clean lines make for a nice architectural accent.

Selecting Custom Color DryerWallVents instead of painting on site or powder coating locally provides many benefits.

  • Eliminates the concern of the damper door getting painted shut
  • Reduces on-site detail work (simply install the DryerWallVent)
  • Eliminates damage or loss in transporting off-site to a powder coater
  • Eliminates the time and expense of disassembly and reassembly
  • Requires no additions to scheduling or timing to complete the project
  • Maintains all manufacturer warranties


What to Expect / How the Program Works

When planning your project for 48 or more units, you’ll want to keep a few important things in mind to maximize cost-effectiveness and timeliness. To begin with, there can be up to a 6-week lead time from the date of an approved PO until the product ships. The projects are priced on an individual basis because the color and quantity selected will vary the costs.

The fun news is that you can closely match the siding color or highlight colors to make your vision a clean reality. Preferred color matching is based on the Tiger Drylac RAL Color Chart. This color chart will get you the basics. Because of color shift on computer screens and printers, you’ll want to request a hard copy of the color chart after review to make your first round of selections.

Once you have selected colors or color ranges (about two to three options), the In-O-Vate team will send 3” X 6” paint chip samples for your review and final selection.

Once colors have been approved, you may expect an estimate within 3 business days.

A Word on Order Quantity

It is recommended that you request at least 5% more than the actual quantity needed. This would prevent coming up short if some were damaged in shipping, if there was a miscount, and for down the road if; for whatever reason, one would need to be replaced. The reason for this precaution is that custom coating a small quantity will be very cost prohibitive.


Manufacturing will begin upon receipt of the PO and a 50% deposit. Your In-O-Vate team will work hard to keep you posted on the production process and estimated ship date. The balance due is invoiced once the products ship.


Feel free to browse this gallery of recent custom color projects and check out the color tester page.