Lightning Fast - DryerWallVent

DryerWallVent is the best way to help your dryer push air out "Lightning Fast"! Low profile and straight out means that the air doesn't have to make yet another turn, which reduces the efficiency of the flow.


The installation of the DryerWallVent can be done in under 15 minutes. This replaces your current slat or metal hood dryer exhaust venting with something that is low-profile AND beautiful. Use the locator to find a supplier in your area and ask for it by name!


The DryerWallVent allows air to race from your dryer. At Zero Airflow Resistance, more air is moved, quicker. The flap opens fast due to the balanced and ergonomic patented flap.

Drying Time

When your dryer is going for extended periods of time, you are more likely to spend money on electricity and waste large chunks of your time waiting for your laundry to dry. DryerWallVent gives you your life back!

Go to and check out the colors and have yours installed today!