Made In The USA - Why Is That Important?

The DryerWallVent is proudly Made In The USA. Why is that such an important aspect to look for when buying anything?


Buying products made in the USA is good for the economy. It allows the money to stay in the country and it also supports a real person's income. There are families who depend upon you buying products from their employers to survive. When all of the jobs are lost to overseas employers, our country suffers.


Notice that quite a bit of what we offer is made of steel? That means that it is going to last. No cheap plastic or aluminum can hold up the way steel can. And because companies that depend on Americans buying American-made products, they are going to make sure the standards of quality are high.

The American Dream

This country has always fostered the American dream of being able to start your own business and build your way up. This continues with our support for companies that make products here in the USA.