What Is The "Skills Gap"?

Employers are constantly seeking employees who have the necessary skills to fulfil a job's requirements. When the employer is unable to locate someone who is qualified to take on those responsibilities, that is known as the skills gap. One of the major issues facing the new computerized world we live in is that younger people are more prone to taking jobs that do not include manual labor. So, when home builders seek out new people to replace the retiring work force, they find it a daunting task.

Each year, SkillsUSA and Fine Homebuilding sponsor a scholarship to increase not only the number of people in the field, but to also increase awareness that there are jobs out there, and all it takes is training and you have a career for life. There will always be construction jobs, as new places are being built, old places torn down and changes made to existing structures. What better way to start your new path than with assistance in the initial step?

You can read more about their program here and donate here.