Stuffing Is For Turkeys, Not Ducts

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and most people gather with their friends and family to celebrate. Usually, the only side effect of turkey and stuffing is a full tummy and an overwhelming desire to sleep. If your ducts are stuffed full of lint, though, the side effect could be a tragedy.

#keepcraftalive Fundraising Event Las Vegas

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A Wall Vent For All Reasons

Each year, lint build-up in home dryer vents starts thousands of fires across the U.S. But you can help mitigate this danger with attention to small, but essential details like a well-made and well-designed dryer wall vent.

Easy Dryer Duct Cleaning By Installing The DryerWallVent

When you install the DryerWallVent, you are making it easier to clean out your ducts. Instead of a fixed hood or a slatted plastic cover, the DryerWallVent allows easy access for cleaning, while making it tough for animals and pests.